Sarah Trafford
Sarah Trafford

Mr. Rogers


Mr. Rogers’ Exhibition

Catalogue, animation, website, and app design for an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

In celebration and remembrance of the popular children's television show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this exhibition examines the life and guiding philosophy of Fred Rogers, as well as his legacy of kindness. His innovative approach to television had an impact on millions of American Children for over 30 years. I designed a promotional animation for the event with the the motif of a retro TV, using colorful duotone clips from the show which activate the space and excite viewers of all ages. The website for the exhibition includes visitor and ticket information, as well as an extensive Timeline of Mr. Rogers’ life as a TV host. The visitor and explore pages allow for the audience to learn more about the exhibition and some of the characters in the show. I designed a memory game app with the same color palette and playful stylization of pictures in order for a younger audience to be able to interact with an educational and interactive part of the exhibit. The catalog describes the timeline of the show in more detail, and would be available for purchase in the gift shop.


Web Design
Book Design
Type Layout

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